Woodlands Association

Our Woodlands Association was created as a California non-profit civic organization on July 15th, 1965. The originators were early Woodlands residents, Ray Taylor, the first president and Laurence Ainsworth, the first secretary. Others involved as founding board members included: Garfield Burkhardt, Wayne Johnston, Darlene Lovegreen, Russ Thompson and Richard Vitamanti. As of January 2006, Richard Vitamanti still lives in his home in the Woodlands.

As part of the incorporation, these original board members submitted by-laws to the state that are still very alive today. The by-laws were revised slightly in 1978 and again in 2018.  The by-laws can be found here: Woodlands Bylaws

The purpose of the Woodlands Association is group action towards the betterment and protection of the common interests of Woodlands residents, and for considering such other matters as may arise involving the interests of the households as a group, including but not limited to community and civic improvement.

The current Board of Directors of the association can always be found on this web-site. Their email IDs are posted as well. The board constantly encourages feedback from every resident of every Woodlands household. The monthly board meetings are open to all residents and are held on the first Saturday of each month unless otherwise posted in the Woodlands Newsletter and/or on the website.

Besides this website, the association has published a newsletter for nearly forty years. All recent newsletters are posted on the website as well as many prior newsletters dating back over three decades. The board is continuing to “scan” in more newsletters and material as it becomes available. You’ll find that some of the older newsletters are just delightful reading. Take a look.